ALCOTRA’s photographic exposition promoting sustainable development, non-discrimination and equality - European Cooperation Day
Jul 11

ALCOTRA’s photographic exposition promoting sustainable development, non-discrimination and equality

Imperia, Italy
11 Jul - 11 Jul
10:00 - 15:00

On the 11th July 2018, at Imperia (Italy), Interreg France-Italy ALCOTRA, will present its exposition based on horizontal principles defined by European Commission: sustainable development, non-discrimination and equality. This itinerant exposition will be exposed in Italy and in France, to illustrate the universality of these principles and will be our way to celebrate Cooperation this year.

The original title (in French and Italian, the two official languages of the programme) of this photo competition addressed to the program’s beneficiaries is “OBJECTIF photo développement durable, non-discrimination et égalité/Obiettivo sviluppo sostenibile, non discriminazione e uguaglianza” being based on the dual meaning of the word “Objectif/Obiettivo” which is recovering in one hand the idea of reaching a goal and on the other the still lens of a camera.

16 projects financed by ALCOTRA have participated at this event, with 26 pictures illustrating these principles, classified in three categories: sustainable development, equality and non-discrimination, gender equality.

In order to choose the best pictures, ALCOTRA has given the opportunity to its social media followers to participate in the voting process. More than 900 people have expressed their preferences on official ALCOTRA social medias (Facebook & Twitter).

To the votes of  our virtual audience have been added  the scrutiny of a jury of experts. Thus, French and Italian photographs, communication experts, ALCOTRA’s members, Partner’s Members and the ALCOTRA’s Young Interreg Volunteer of, have elected the winner in each category during an official plenary session which took place on the 15th June 2018 in Annecy (France).

Each vote had been based on three selection criterias: quality, content and meaning.

This itinerant exposition is the occasion to highlight in pictures the projects financed by the program from the fundamental angle of these principles. This approach allowed not only to present the quality of funded projects, but also to give people an opportunity to reflect.