In the blue, painted blue! Let's paint Europe full of colors - European Cooperation Day
Sep 29

In the blue, painted blue! Let’s paint Europe full of colors

Polignano a Mare, Italy
29 Sep - 29 Sep
09:00 - 14:00
The Interreg V-A Greece-Italy Programme, in cooperation with Pino Pascali Foundation, celebrates the European Cooperation day thought a creative workshop “en plein air” in the Municipality Garden of Polignano a Mare, on 29 of September.
We painted together a mural and we drew and collected a puzzle that tells the story of cooperation between Puglia and Greece in an embrace of colors, shapes and figures that go beyond the territorial borders toward new forms of friendship and collaboration.

The notes of the famous song of Domenico Modugno, have been the setting for a celebration of creativity that highlights Europe and the results achieved by Puglia and Greece through the cooperation projects.

A creativity feast, coordinated by Raffaele Fiorella, professor of Digital Applications in the Acamedy of fine Arts in Bari and Foggia (Puglia Region Italy), which has involved more than 100 people, among children, families and citizens, to paint together a mural.

Painting together means experimenting the world of cooperation: everyone’s contribution need to be mixed with the others and it becomes precious to achieve a common goal in the general harmony of colors.

Cooperating means sharing a joint development project and Puglia and Greece have been collaborating for over 30 years, in order to improve the life of the citizens that live in this territory. 

Yellow as joy, green as hope, red as passion, blue as serenity.

Together we paint #cooperation.

Municipality Garden – Polignano a Mare
Via Papa Giovanni XXIII
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