Cross-border Floriculture - European Cooperation Day
Sep 25

Cross-border Floriculture

Nice, France
25 Sep

On September 25 in La Gaude (Nice) three cross-border cooperation projects  focused on floriculture will be presented: Is@m (financed by the Italy-France Maritime Programme), Antea e Finnover (financed by the Italy-France ALCOTRA Programme)

The event is organized by the Unité Mixte Technologique FlorimedCREAM – Astredhor Méditerranée.

The interventions will be preceded by a series of comic sketches, in order to introduce the scientific contents in a simple and playful way.

The IS@M project aims to develop, validate and optimize a collaborative platform that brings together innovative decision-making tools to help companies make the best eco-responsible decisions on a daily basis.

Through a participatory co-design (with research and development institutes, experimental stations, consultants, companies), IS@M proposes to evaluate health and epidemiological risks in real time, on the field, on a tablet or smartphone.