Danube Transnational Programme Photo Competition 2018 - EC Day
Jul 05

Danube Transnational Programme – “Photo Competition 2018”

05 Jul - 03 Aug
00:00 - 23:59

The Danube Transnational Programme (DTP) has launched a photo competition. We invite any institution involved in one or several DTP funded project(s) to participate in this competition. Any photo depicting a DTP-funded project is eligible.

The DTP approved projects have produced valuable results to improve integration and competitiveness in a complex and diverse area. We believe that these results can be promoted through imagery. For more information, please refer to the uploaded .pdf document “DTP Photo Competition”.

The photos were submitted here: http://www.interreg-danube.eu/calls/calls-for-proposals/dtp-photo-competition-2018 until the 3rd of August. The Online voting took place through the DTP Facebook in August after the set deadline for submission www.facebook.com/pg/Danube-Transnational-Programme– until the 7th of September.


The picture must show the topic and/or achievements gained by the project. This includes: joint activities, cooperation results or representative images of the cooperation area. Please avoid photos illustrating static events and meetings. Like people sitting and listening to a speech/presentation.The aim is to capture the essence of a project through an image which would:

  • “speak” to both stakeholders and the general public
  • show the transnational cooperation activities and the implemented results
  • illustrate best the project topics


20 finalist photos among which, 3 are final winners have been selected by the Jury from the DTP MA/JS and FaceBook album votes. Find out who were the winners on the news published in our website.