"Flax trail" in the open-air museum in Punsk - European Cooperation Day
Sep 15

“Flax trail” in the open-air museum in Punsk

Punsk, Poland
15 Sep - 15 Sep
11:00 - 16:00

The ECD in Punsk, Podlaskie Region, Poland

Polish and Lithuanian neighbours celebrated ECD on 15 September 2018 in Puńsk, Poland

This year we celebrated the European Cooperation Day on  September 15 in Punsk, Poland with the whole Punsk community, Interreg V-A Lithuania-Poland Program beneficiaries and Program authorities.

“Flax trail”Â Â in the open-air museum

The main topic of the ECD event in Punsk  was “Flax trail”, therefore the organizers foresaw various attractions in different locations in Punsk:

  • exhibition „Flax decorates and dresses ”Â  in the Old Presbytery Museum;
  • basketball game on the local Orlik pitch, demonstration of flax processing in the open-air museum;
  • performance by the folk band „Å alcinukas”;
  • traditional songs and dances and  “Pre-war tales” show performed by folk bands Gimtine and Saulales in the open-air museum;
  •  fire trucks,  their equipment;
  • handicrafts (jewelry, clay pots).

Organizers invited to visit the House of Lithuanian Culture where local music bands and guests from Lithuania presented their performances.  Apart from that, there was possibility to visit  the Fairy Tale Village and take part in activities like: writing and drawing using feathers and charcoal, tasting waffles baked on the fire and some other local delicacies,  clay pottery making on a potter’s wheel.

Place of the event

The event started at 11 a.m.  in the Old Presbytery Museum in Puńsk, 55 Adama Mickiewicza Str.

Info about the event  and agenda was published on : http://lietuva-polska.eu/en/news/european_cooperation_day_on_september_15_in_punsk_2.html

Regional Contact Points of the Program Interreg V-A Lithuania-Poland in Białystok and Olsztyn and Joint Secretariat in Vilnius  invite to Punsk.

Everybody is welcome!


Interreg V-A Lithuania-Poland: http://lietuva-polska.eu/en/interreg.html

Podlaskie Region:  https://www.wrotapodlasia.pl/

Contact: ewt@wrotapodlasia.pl