Hanseatic business breakfast and historical fair in Pskov - European Cooperation Day
Sep 22

Hanseatic business breakfast and historical fair in Pskov

Pskov, Russia
22 Sep - 22 Sep
00:00 - 00:00

Estonia-Russia CBC Programme in cooperation with Latvia-Russia CBC Programme are organizing Hanseatic business breakfast and participating in historical fair “Voyevoda Shujsky” on September 22, in Pskov, Russia.

Hanseatic business breakfast

Local students and professionals from the field of local government, culture and tourism will discuss benefits and challenges of doing business in cross-border region with an emphasis on Hanseatic theme (Hanseatic days will be held in Pskov in June 2019).  Three topics will be raised during the business breakfast: hansa economy, hansa culture and hansa branding.


Joint cooking and workshops within historical fair

Joint cooking of traditional Russian soup will gather high officials, representatives from Estonia, Latvia and Russia to show cooperation of border regions.

We invite you to participate in our workshops within “Voivode Shuisky” Festival near Pokrovskaya tower:

  • Colouring postcards drawn by Estonian and Russian children; postcards will be sent afterwards to the chosen destinations.
  • Coinage of coins: blacksmith will help to mint a coin for you.
  • Making photo with our photoframe.

Please visit the Gallery of  ECDay celebration in Pskov on 22 September.