Heritage Road Trip 2018 - European Cooperation Day
Sep 15

Heritage Road Trip 2018

Sangaste, Estonia
15 Sep - 15 Sep
08:00 - 21:00

Estonia and Latvia are proud of their cultural heritage. The Heritage Road Trip will have four thematic routes, which will start from 4 locations  – Pärnu, Tartu in Estonia and RÄ«ga, AlÅ«ksne in Latvia. Participants will travel on buses through the thematic sites and will be involved in testing the tourism attractions. Visit the event page.

Coastal Route

Starts in Pärnu and will stop at the Estonian-Latvian coastline of the Gulf of Riga in Kabli in Estonia. There participants will exercise a little hike on the Coastal hiking route. Authentic Livonian lunch will be provided in “Pils Ķēķis” in Valmiera, Latvia.

Hansa Route

Starts in RÄ«ga and will stop in Straupe, the smallest Hanseatic town, and CÄ“sis (it’s Hansa name is Venden) for the Medieval Hansa feast, that includes tasting of an authentic Hanseatic meal.

Green Route

Starts in Tartu and will stop in Sinialliku (next to Viljandi) for a little hike on green ways developed within Green Railways route. It will continue to Latvia to old train station Walk II for trying out railbikes. There the Livonian picnic will be provided by Old Post Station Straupe Caterer.

Industrial Route

Starts in Alūksne and from Stāmeriene till Gulbene participants will travel with the narrow-gauge train and will visit Gulbene Depo. They will join the Livonian picnic in Valka too.

Livonian Culinary

Project with it’s best service providers are supporting the Heritage Road Trip by providing authentic Livonian meals.

The Heritage Road Trip will end in Sangaste castle in Estonia for a joint celebration of the European Cooperation Day 2018 and centenaries of Estonia and Latvia. Unique and colourful concert will be performed by the Livi folkgroup “Kāndla”, Suiti men’s bagpipe group “Suitu dÅ«denieki”, Seto Leelo Choir “Helmekaala” and Kihnu women dance group “Pitsid paistavad”. All together they represent 4 ethnic regions of Estonia and Latvia.  Three of these regions are protected by UNESCO.

Event has been awarded the European Year of Cultural Heritage label.

All supported tourism heritage projects within Estonia-Latvia programme are described here. 

Hanza project is supported within the Central Baltic Sea Region programme. See description here.

Let’s have a great celebration!