Heritage Walking Tour - European Cooperation Day
Oct 18

Heritage Walking Tour

Palermo, Italy
18 Oct - 18 Oct
16:00 - 22:30
Italian Language of Signs

The accessibility of the Maltese Italian cultural heritage

The European Cooperation Day celebrates the cultural heritage of the cities of Palermo and La Valletta, the 2018 Italian and European Capitals of Culture Italian respectively, through a guided tour and a virtual walk in the respective historical centres.

Participants will walk through the historic centre of Palermo along a thematic and inclusive route that ideally combines the districts of Vucciria and Bijeria also involving the most disadvantaged people to enjoy the cultural heritage of the two cities.

Thanks to the contribution of the European Union and the INTERREG V-A Italy Malta cross-border cooperation programme, the Vucciria of Palermo and the Bijeria of La Valletta will benefit from the interventions carried out by I-ACCESS project. It aims at socio-monumental valorisation and improvement of the use of cultural heritage, also through the development of an ICT navigation system for blind people based on smartphone technology.

Thematic route

H 15:00        

Meeting and registration point at San Giorgio dei Genovesi Church

H 16:00-17:15      S. Giorgio dei Genovesi Church

All participants will take part at an itinerary discovering the historical-artistic links between the architectural heritage of the ancient Vucciria district of Palermo and the Bijeria district of Valletta also through a navigation system, called ARIANNA, based on artificial vision algorithms performed by smartphones

H 17:15-18:15      San Giorgio dei Genovesi – Garraffo Sqr.

A walk along the urban route that crosses Squarcilupo Str.- Meli Str. – S. Maria La Nova Sqr. – Materassai Str.- Garraffello Sqr. – Garraffo Sqr. will give all participants the opportunity to share an experience of the architectural heritage use, even blindfolded

H 18:15                  Sant’Eulalia dei Catalani Church

The representatives of INTERREG V-A Italia Malta programme, Valletta Local Council, University of Malta and Innovogy will meet all walkers of the Heritage Walking Tour and illustrate the technological innovations planned in Malta

H 19:15                  Knights of Malta Sqr.

Histories, sounds and colours of the Vucciria and the Bijeria will be re-evoked through a video show within the Istituto Comprensivo Statale ad indirizzo musicale “Rita Atria”.

At the end of the show, a farewell cocktail will be offered to all participants