International Wine Queen Contest - European Cooperation Day
Sep 30

International Wine Queen Contest

Orahovica, Croatia
30 Sep - 30 Sep
16:00 - 20:00

The border is presents no obstacle for wine lovers and wine growers.  They have been fruitfully cooperating in various projects aiming at increasing the quality of wine produced in the region and the promotion of the region to visitors from the two countries and beyond. In the latest join project a number of tourist-attracting events have been organised including a wine-marathon and a competition of traditional wine-song performers.

This European Cooperation Day is going to be marked by an international Wine Queen contest, where the region will choose the best among their youth to promote its wines and towns during the year to come. The event will include competitions in both theoretical and practical knowledge of wine-making and will be held in the newly reconstructed visitors centre in downtown Orahovica.

For more information, contact the Interreg CBC Hungary-Croatia programme.