Let's make our future! - European Cooperation Day
Oct 28

Let’s make our future!

Lecce, Italy
28 Oct - 28 Oct
15:30 - 17:00

A workshop to give voice to children and guide them to build the desired future. In Lecce on 28 October, to celebrate the European Cooperation Day 2018.


The future is in their hands. Our vision for tomorrow depends on today’s children!

They will be the protagonists of the event “LET’S MAKE OUR FUTURE!“, an Arts and crafts workshop open to children aged 10 to 12 years. The initiative is promoted by the Italy-Albania-Montenegro cross-border cooperation programme,  to celebrate the “European Cooperation Day 2018”.


The event will take place on Sunday 28 October from 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm in Lecce  in the former Theatines Monastery, and will be part of the ‘Talks about the Future’ Festival – Education section.

An Arts and crafts workshop to imagine the world that children wish to build, organized in cooperation with the Councilorship for Education of the City of Lecce and local schools, and reserved to fifth grade and sixth grade students.


The European Cooperation Day, which falls on 21 September, was launched in 2011 to encourage reflections and disseminate good practices in the countries involved in cooperation projects. Now it represents a valuable opportunity for Interreg programmes to promote thematic initiatives in the surrounding weeks.

Painting our future together” is the motto of the 2018 edition. Therefore, creativity will be the keyword of the workshop, where children will look to the future from their point of view, creating new possible scenarios.

The works of the children will be exhibited in the Theatines Library and will be the precious plot in whose folds you can read the present and plan the future: what is not working and what is missing, what is to be improved or transformed, what is yet to be invented. And to do that, we must decide now, all together.