How to make museums more accessible: COME-IN! project visit - European Cooperation Day
Sep 06

How to make museums more accessible: COME-IN! project visit

Vienna, Austria
06 Sep - 06 Sep
14:00 - 18:00

COME-IN! brings together partners from six central European countries to make small-and medium-sized museums more accessible for people with different kinds of disabilities.

Museums are places where everyone should be able to see and learn about our cultural heritage. But many museums in central Europe encounter difficulties to become more accessible. Reasons reach from a lack of organisational knowledge and limited financial resources all the way to a lack of investment and adequate promotion. The Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE project helps museums operators to overcome the difficulties through COME-IN! guidelines, a training handbook which is followed up by pilot actions and training sessions.

Inclusiveness is a strategic topic for Europe and the rather small-scale investments of this transnational Interreg cooperation project will save a lot of financial resources and efforts across borders. Museums located in other central European regions and cities will benefit from effective, tested solutions and guidelines.

Simulating disabilities to experience the value of accessibility

COME-IN! will present its achievements in Vienna to a closed group of policy makers from the Ministries of Finance of EU Member States. The presentation will include a tour of an accessible museum, in which participants can experience the museum as visitors in a wheelchair or with visual impairments. The tools and inclusive exhibition design developed thanks to cooperation between museums, public authorities and interest groups beyond borders will highlight the effects of small investments transferable to many other cities and regions. To achieve such results #cooperationiscentral – today and in the future.