Messages from the past to the present for the future! - European Cooperation Day
Sep 20

Messages from the past to the present for the future!

Pleven, Bulgaria
20 Sep - 20 Sep
00:00 - 00:00

The Interreg V-A Romania – Bulgaria Programme will celebrate the European Cooperation Day 2018, in the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, with an event consisting in sharing of thoughts on the European Cooperation by using colors, music and pictures.

The participants will have the great opportunity to know the common heritage by visiting an amazing exhibition of the models of cultural and historical sites from the cross border area which has been realized within the project “Danube, a river with a lot of history”, financed by our Programme (more information about the project can be found here and here).

Through alternative means of communication (drawing, music, pictures) the participants will celebrate together the European Cooperation Day.

This event aims to show the world how the cross-border region between Romania and Bulgaria preserves their heritage and how it became more beautiful, attractive, safer through European funds.

More details are to come. For detailed information, please visit the Interreg V-A Romania – Bulgaria Programme website.  

We would be glad to have you as guest at our event!