New Challenges of Integrated Control in Floriculture - European Cooperation Day
Sep 26

New Challenges of Integrated Control in Floriculture

Sanremo, Italy
26 Sep

Next September 26, the FLORISEUM, the flower museum of Villa Ormond in Sanremo, will host the XXXVI Fitoiatric Meeting organized by Agroinnova – University of Turin in collaboration with the IRF – Regional Institute for Floriculture in Sanremo.

During the meeting the current state of pests and deseases will be presented, as well as possible solutions, including integrated control.

The results of the research realized within the IS@M project on minor crops will also be presented.

The IS@M project, co-financed by the Italy-France Maritime Programme aims to develop a collaborative platform in order to help companies make the best eco-responsible decisions.

The Finnover project, co-funded by the France-Italy ALCOTRA Programme, will also be presented.

The event will be an opportunity to celebrate the European Cooperation Day, highlighting the fundamental contribution of European Territorial Cooperation to the preservation of our natural heritage.

For more information about the event, please write to Patrizia Martini: