No more micro-plastics in water! - European Cooperation Day
Sep 19

No more micro-plastics in water!

19 Sep

The SPlasH project will be launched on September 19 in Genoa (Palazzo San Giorgio, Sala del Capitano).

On this occasion, an international meeting is organized by the University of Genoa, the European Research Institute and the University of Toulon.

During the event the expected results of this Interreg project will be discussed.

The EC Day will be also celebrated, while illustrating the key role of European Territorial Cooperation in the fight against pollution and the promotion of sustainable development.

The SPlasH project, financed by the Interreg Italy-France “Maritime” Programme, aims to analyse the presence, the origin and the dynamics of micro-plastics in the ports of Genoa, Olbia and Toulon. For a duration of two years, a research will be realized in order to provide data on some unexplored aspect: the dynamics of micro-plastics; the influx and the incidence of the various micro-plastic sources from the mainland to the sea and the distribution at various depths in densely populated and active areas.

The project is also expected to organize scientific activities in schools and events open to citizens, aimed at providing the tools to understand the extent of the problem of micro-plastics in the environment and in particular in the ocean.

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