Playing without borders - European Cooperation Day
Nov 10

Playing without borders

Brenner, Italy
10 Nov - 10 Nov
09:00 - 18:00

European cooperation in border regions – this will take place in the region “Wipptal” between Austria and Italy. The Italian-Austrian border is a historical place from the far history. We find many relics from the Roman times till the border times before the removal of the official border in January 1995. During the last years, the Italian-Austrian border became again an important border because of the migration streams in 2015. On both sides of the border, we met critical situations and aggressive potential. It seemed that the history and the good collaboration had suddenly been forgotten because of the new challenge.

This was the reason to develop “Playing without borders”, a series of game activities for all generations and origins along the historical Wipptal border communities between Austria and Italy. “Playing without borders” is inviting to peace and social community life, to overcome every kind of borders – even in the mind – and to bring together people and different generations independent from their languages, gender, origins etc.

The games will be guided. The activities will take place once on the Austrian side of the border, once on the Italian side. The last activities will be directly on the border.

Start event: 13/10/2018 in St. Michael Bildungshaus in Schöfens 12, 6143 Pfons (afternoon)

Following events:

20/10/2018 in Vipiteno/Sterzing, Italy

27/10/2018 in Gries a.B., Austria

03/11/2018 in Fortezza/Gossensass, Italy

10/11/2018 in Brenner/Brennero, Italy/Austria